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Your Islamic Wedding Dress

สิงหาคม 25, 2011

“Hijabfy” Your Islamic Wedding Dress

Muslim women that don the hijab everyday inevitably have to decide on how to incorporate a stylish wedding hijab when they get married. All brides want to look their best on their wedding day, and Muslim brides are no exception to this. One of the fashion challenges faced by Muslim brides is figuring how to match their hijabs with their wedding dress.

Well, we have compiled several looks that would work well. Hopefully this inspires you too!

Here are some ways that hijab-wearing Muslim brides can incorporate a stylish hijab look with their wedding dress.

Wedding Hijab Styles

Wedding Hijab Styles for Islamic White Wedding Dress

Bride Wearing a Vela Bridal Scarf
With Its Signature Ruffled Front Chic Look

Classic Hijab Wrap
Perfect for Pairing with Indian Bridal Ornaments

Classic White Wedding Hijab Wrap Style
Pairing a Wedding Hijab With Tiara

Wedding Hijab Styles for Islamic Indian Muslim Wedding Dress

Use a Hijab With the Dominant Color of the Islamic Bridal Dress
Pin Dupatta on top of the Hijab
Works best When Dupatta is Not Made of Heavy Material

We will compile more wedding hijab styles. Please bookmark our website, and visit us again!




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